James Mattis Trashes Barack Obama In New Book “Call Sign Chaos”


James Mattis has finished his last tour of duty serving this country and he is not holding back in his new book.

While most in the media and on the coasts expected Mattis to trash President Trump in his new book out today, they were all disappointed when he said he would not attack a sitting president.

But past presidents are fair game and Barack Obama does not do well in Mattis new book.

Mattis trashes Obama and to a degree Bush and his team but mostly Obama and how he made a bad situation worse in the Middle East.

From Military Times:

In his new book “Call Sign Chaos,” former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis makes it clear early that he isn’t ready to gossip about his messy exit from President Donald Trump’s administration and “I don’t write about sitting presidents.”

Former presidents, however, are fair game.

Mattis in the volume offers praise for George H.W. Bush for his handling of the first Gulf War, blames the advisers of George W. Bush for strategic errors in Iraq, and lashes out at Barack Obama for not taking foreign security threats seriously.

“In White House meetings (with Obama officials), we constantly quibbled about (troop) numbers, seldom diving into the alternate end states and what was realistically needed to achieve them,” he wrote. “Discussions were designed to give the appearance of consultation, but they were not genuine.”

Following the shoot down of a U.S drone in 2011, Mattis (then head of U.S. Central Command) wanted a strong, direct response to the Iranian military.

“I proposed to Washington that we launch another drone on the same track, position a few F-18 aircraft out of sight, and shoot down the Iranian aircraft if it attacked the drone,” he wrote. “The White House refused to grant permission.”

Mattis was ultimately relieved from that post in part because of his aggressive stance towards Iran, in contrast with Obama administration policies.