Joy Behar Melts Down Over Trump’s Strict Immigration Policy: “I Can’t Stand Him”


Joy Behar sure is a nasty woman. The View went after Trump again today for the sorriest of reasons.

They should be mandated to at least know what in the hell they are talking about before they spout off.

Fact – the U.S. Coast Guard saved many lives in the Bahamas because well, the Bahamas don’t really have the capabilities.


Most countries do not have the abilities that America does when tragedy strikes, and we generously send our Coast Guard and our Navy to help all over the world.

We are the first, second and only option for salvation for these people and we gladly do it.

Now, what Trump is saying about taking in Bahamian refugees is simply that the entire country was not ruined – just a few islands.

So Trump wants to vet the people who need to come here to make sure they couldn’t go to another part of their country first and there are no shenanigans like the ones that have followed around Ilhan Omar about how she came here.

Makes sense, but not for Joy and the gang. From the Daily Caller:

“You know, this is a guy who had the Taliban — he’s [Trump] going to have a big meeting with the Taliban,” Joy Behar explained. “He loves Kim Jong-Un and Putin, and yet these people who are fleeing a hurricane are suddenly criminals. He’s so despicable. He makes my head stand up — my hair. I can’t stand him.”

Sunny Hostin agreed and said that what she noticed was that the president “didn’t have a problem with the Bahamas when he hosted the 2009 Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas and he was tweeting about it and wanted everybody to not only going to the Bahamas but watch it live. So, again, it’s the hypocrisy.”

“It’s just cruel,” she added. “It’s inhumane. He just lacks humanity.”

“But he’s a person who keeps children in cages,” Behar interjected.”Remember who you’re dealing with here.”

“I think if they had a hurricane in Norway and they were all coming here, I think he would be fine with that,” Behar snapped back.