Judge Pirro Calls Dems “Barbarians At The Gate,” Warns Them On Impeachment: ‘Game On”


Jeanine Pirro trashed the Democrats and their doomed effort to impeach President Trump and sent a warning to them saying: “Game on.”

She is right, this is a game and the Democrats made the first move and there will be payback.

Look, they don’t have the votes in the Senate and while anything is possible in the swamp, it would be a miracle to find 20 GOP votes to remove Trump from office.

It just will not happen. So this is about damaging Trump politically and trying to make him toxic to voters.

This effort is also doomed to fail because Trump plays by different political rules – his base will come out and vote but will the young idealists on the left come out and vote for Biden, the longtime member of the swamp?

They stayed home for Hillary, they will do the same for Biden. If they choose Warren they lose the middle – in either event, Trump’s chances of winning reelection look good.

“For over two years, the presidency of the United States has been under siege,” Judge Jeanine Pirro started.

“Our commander-in-chief has been subjected to unprecedented maligning by the mainstream media, high-level Obama administration officials and disappointed, disgruntled and deranged Democrats,” Pirro added.

“It’s as if the White House is an ancient walled city with barbarians storming the gate looking to annihilate the outsider beholding to no one,” she added.

“The radicals have been resisting and salivating at the chance to get revenge for their 2016 loss.”