Matt Gaetz Calls Adam Schiff A Hypocrite, Posts Audio Of Schiff Saying He Would Accept Trump Dirt From Ukraine


Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz hit back at the hapless Adam Schiff. If Adam is the best the Democrats have, and everyone thinks he is better than Jerry Nadler, their impeachment effort is doomed indeed.

Matt publicly embarrassed Adam by digging up the ill-fated phone call Schiff had with some radio pranksters who offered dirt on President Trump.

With Adam leading the charge for impeachment the Democrats are all but guaranteed to go off the cliff.

From Fox News: In the clip, Schiff, D-Calif., tells the Russian shock-jocks, who were posing as Andriy Parubiy, the former speaker of Ukraine’s parliament, that he would be willing to accept dirt on Trump from the Ukranian.

“So, you have recordings of both [Russian journalist Ksenia] Sobchak and [Russian model and singer Olga] Buzova where they’re discussing the compromising material on Mr. Trump?” Schiff asked the callers posing as Parubiy.

“Absolutely,” one of the pranksters responded.

“Well obviously we would welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings,” Schiff said later in the call after he and the fake “Parubiy” go on to discuss more details of the bogus allegations.

The Russian radio hosts, Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetzov and Alexey “Lexus” Stolyarov, who have close ties to the Kremlin, told Schiff that the Kremlin had naked photos of Trump and that “Parubiy” could provide audio of Sobchak and Buzova discussing the photos.

They also told Schiff that former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn had met with another Russian to talk about how to prevent the photos from going public.

Gaetz accused Schiff of hypocrisy for appearing willing to accept information from the Ukranian government as his committee investigates Trump for advocating that Ukraine pursue an investigation that would have likely been politically beneficial to the president’s reelection campaign.