North Carolina Teacher Referred To Secret Service After Calling For Mike Pence’s Assassination In Class


A North Carolina high school teacher is under investigation by the secret service after reportedly making threatening comments about Mike Pence to students in class.

Specifically, the unnamed teacher said Mike Pence should be “shot in the head.”

The Cuthbertson High School teacher made the comments while Mike Pence was in North Carolina to help GOP Congressional candidate Dan Bishop.


The Union County Sheriff’s Office says it gave the information to the Secret Service so they could investigate the incident.

From The Washington Examiner:

The unnamed Cuthbertson High School teacher has been referred to the Secret Service by the Union County Sheriff’s Office, according to local Fox 46.

The school is in the 9th Congressional District near Charlotte, which Bishop won against Democrat Dan McCready in last week’s special election.

“This is the vice president of the United States. He’s an elected official,” said Firas Obeid, a parent of two students at the high school, adding he is not a supporter of Pence. “Affiliation to a specific party does not entitle us to make a statement like that to anyone.”

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave as the school district investigates the comment.

“Union County Public Schools is taking the alleged inappropriate comments made by a Cuthbertson High School teacher very seriously.

Upon learning about the alleged comments, the teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave last week and there is an ongoing investigation into this matter,” the school district said in a statement.

From Fox46:

“You should not be bringing in those type of viewpoints to your job,” Union County GOP Chair Allison Powers said.

Powers isn’t going as far as asking for the teacher to be fired, but says she trusts the school board will take appropriate action.

“To just wish that kind of violence on anybody is just way out of bounds,” said Powers.