Paul Ryan Gets Revenge On Trump, Advising Murdoch’s And Fox News To Break With POTUS: Report


Paul Ryan has always been a fraud. After he resigned he literally joined the swamp in the most Clinton-ish way possible.

He moved the millions from his campaign into his own private foundation and officially moved his family to DC, a place he always said he loathed.

But that was just the beginning for Ryan – he cashed in in numerous other ways most significantly with a Biden-esque seat on Fox News’ board of directors.

Look, what Hunter Biden is accused of is probably all legal – well-connected people get these cushy no show jobs where no experience is required – access is what the companies want or a big name on their masthead.

Fox News is currently feuding with itself- see Shepard Smith and Tucker Carlson’s dueling narrative about what in the hell is going on with Ukraine, Biden, and Trump.

That is all normal but what is not normal is what Paul Ryan is doing behind the scenes to shank Trump.

First, remember when the crime bill passed Kushner had to enlist Rupert Murdoch to tell GOP Senators the network would not “Willie Horton” members who voted for the measure.

Trump made it happen by creating truly bipartisan legislation, but the clever move to enlist Fox helped finish the deal.

Which is why this new bombshell report by Gabriel Sherman (he has a good enough track record to take this story very seriously) is so important.

Rupert is in semi-retirement and his son is running the show now. Paul Ryan, according to this report, is lobbying Lachlan Murdoch to decisively break with Trump which could give GOP Senators the requisite cover to vote to impeach should that ever happen.

From Vanity Fair:

In recent months, Rupert’s oldest son has been holding strategy conversations with Fox executives and anchors about how Fox News should prepare for life after Trump.

Among the powerful voices advising Lachlan that Fox should decisively break with the president is former House speaker Paul Ryan, who joined the Fox board in March.

“Paul is embarrassed about Trump and now he has the power to do something about it,” an executive who’s spoken with Ryan told me. (Ryan did not return a call seeking comment.)

But a person more sympathetic to Trump has told Lachlan that Fox should remain loyal to Trump’s supporters, even if the network has to break from the man. “We need to represent our viewers,” the source said.

“Fox is about defending our viewers from the people who hate them. That’s where our power comes from. It’s not about Trump.”