Roseanne Barr Rips Hollywood’s Triple Standard On Trump, Launches Comeback Tour


Roseanne Barr is coming back and liberal America is not ready for her brand of truth-telling.

Roseanne is already going after the cancel culture that got her fired.

She correctly points out that there is a triple standard against Trump supporters in Hollywood and hinted that it was a well-planned conspiracy to bring her down.


She said she loves standup and that Andrew Dice Clay, the politically incorrect comic who also ran afoul of the liberal purity police coaxed her to join the road with her because people want to her what she has to say.

Correct. Those two are embarking on a standup tour called: “Mr. and Mrs. America Tour.”

From The Hill: “I think it’s a triple standard. All of Hollywood, they just hate him,” Barr told DailyMailTV in an interview airing Tuesday. “And they hate those of us who like him. There’s no way around it.”

Barr, 66, was abruptly fired last year by ABC after posting a racist tweet about former Obama White House aide Valerie Jarrett. The network also canceled Barr’s top-rated sitcom, “Roseanne,” amid the controversy before rebranding it as “The Conners” without her.

Barr, a staunch Trump supporter, apologized but later blasted ABC for the move.

“It was a perfect storm. Kind of a little bit too perfect,” Barr told DailyMailTV’s Jesse Palmer.

She suggested, without evidence, that the controversy and her show’s cancelation may have been part of a coordinated effort.

“Sometimes I think, was this orchestrated? The whole thing? Asking me back — needing so badly to slam Trump and people who voted for him.”