Rush Limbaugh Issues Warning To Media: ‘Trump Allies Will Investigate Dishonest Press’


Rush Limbaugh just confirmed the media’s worst nightmare. Now, remember Rush has been asking for this to happen to the unfair media because he has faced the brunt of their attacks.

Until Trump that is. So Rush knows how they twist and turn the narrative to serve their aims and the goals of their friends in high places.

And Rush is spilling the beans that two can play at that game. Rush said:

“A bunch of Trump supporters have declared war on the Drive-Bys. And they’re gonna give them a dose of their own medicine. I have been suggesting this for over 25 years! That journalists need to be investigated, find out how many illegitimate kids they’ve got, how many DUIs, how many accidents they’ve been in, and have that reported, because they sit there on a moral high horse claiming that they have moral authority to sit in judgment of everybody else.

‘Now they’ve become political activists disguised as journalists, so the Trump supporters are gonna start investigating these people, and they are stunned and they are paranoid and they are outraged, led by that little pencil guy that runs the New York Times now, A. G. Sulzberger. If that guy turns sideways you can’t see him. He sent a big memo to the staff warning everybody this is not what journalism is, we’re above being investigated or some such thing.

You know, the thin skin of people. Bret Stephens, former conservative, used to be a columnist at the Wall Street Journal and went over to the New York Times as a Never Trumper. It was discovered that there are bedbugs at the New York Times. There are roaches at the Washington Post. Bedbugs at the New York Times. Seriously, folks. There are bedbugs at the New York Times, meaning there are beds in there which makes you wonder what’s also going on in there.

So Stephens comes out with some ridiculous column, I don’t even remember what it was, and somebody reacted by calling him a bedbug, and he flipped out! He went nuts! Nobody gets to call him names! Nobody gets to make fun of him! I remember when Bret Stephens used to be considered a star by people in conservatism, when he wrote for the Wall Street Journal. The guy turns out to be just a fraud, phony. Cannot even take a little teasing compared to what these people dish out.

Bite Me, Joe Bite Me. The New York Times has a story asking, is Bite Me really ready for this? Does Bite Me really want to do this? They are trying to take Biden out. The New York Times does not want this guy to run. He is a walking gaffe machine. Nobody seems to care about it now, but it’s gonna focus itself if he does become the nominee because he’ll become a laughingstock.

It’s impossible for anybody in the Democrat Party to become a laughingstock because they don’t laugh. But if he gets the nomination, the debates start and these gaffes continue, he would become a laughingstock. The New York Times wants him out. We’ll have details coming up.

Some Indian group, I forget the name of the group, it’s in the Stack here — has really gotten on Trump. It’s very discriminatory, very, very hateful to call Fauxcahontas Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren. Very, very bad, very, very dangerous. We hate Trump. Trump shouldn’t be doing this. The fact that she ran around and pretended to be an Indian, they didn’t care about. The fact that she ran around, lied about being an Indian because she’s got this white skin that looks like she came out of a bag of flour, high cheekbones, claimed to be an Indian like one one-thousandth of an Indian to get a gig at Harvard, they don’t care about that. But they care about Trump calling her Pocahontas. People cannot laugh anymore.

CNN finally caved. There will be a Democrat debate on climate change. The only topic. If you take a list of issues the American people care about, it’s at the bottom. But they are going to do it.

You know, I was also wondering as I paid attention, I was not totally off the grid while I was out last week. And I think the Drive-Bys are continuing to lose their minds. I understand why and I’ve told you. They can’t get rid of Trump. They can’t even, in their minds, really inflict any damage on him, and they’re going nuts. And the Comey thing happened, which we’ll have comments on too as the program unfolds.

This IG report’s not getting the weight that it should. It’s not getting the analytical weight. Now, I say that. I haven’t watched and spent a lot of time, a lot of media, a lot of people may have delved into the real import of what the Comey meeting was on January 6. Trump was always the target and Comey’s meeting on January 6 was a setup. It was an attempt to get Trump to say anything.

That’s where they presented the story of the golden showers, the prostitutes he supposedly hired to pee on a bed in Moscow that Obama had slept on. That’s the thing from the Steele dossier that Comey told him, and they were this hoping that Trump would have some kind of a reaction that would allow Comey to leave and say the guy’s unfit, he asked me to sweep something under the rug, whatever. And it was that that allowed Comey to call Clapper, Clapper called CNN, that puts the dossier in the news.

That whole thing was a setup, and the IG report pretty much makes it clear. It was a setup. Trump was the target. Comey totally lied to the president about that in an attempt to set him up. But it didn’t work. And so the Drive-Bys are going nuts. Nothing has worked, as we have recounted. And I think last week it all came crashing down.

Lawrence O’Donnell of PMSNBC actually put out a story that Trump was into the Russian oligarchs for all kinds of money and that was the real Russian connection. He only had one source for it. He was on with Rachel Maddow, and she had her head in her hands as she was hearing this ’cause she knew it was not good. There’s no evidence for this. And Lawrence O’Donnell is just obsessed with the fact that Trump and Russia did collude to steal the election.

This guy used to be a prominent Democrat political strategist, folks. He’s now descended into the insane ranks of it, literally. He’s out there claiming that Russian oligarchs — these are the guys that have yachts, have models on ’em, you know, during Christmas and all holiday seasons over in the Mediterranean, Monaco and so forth. Putin’s buddies. And he says that the oligarchs are into Trump. Trump owes them left and right. That’s the connection. There was no evidence for it. He had to pull it back in less than two hours, apologize for it. It was a profound embarrassment.

But he was not alone. Bret Stephens lost his credibility forever and is now being known as bedbug. The Washington Post had a columnist that tried to smear J. D. Vance. That blew up in their face. All of this stuff happened in a 48-hour period. And they continue to get everything wrong, and there has yet to be a mea culpa, there’s yet to be an apology to their audiences for misleading them.”