Sarah Sanders Drops Hammer On Dems ‘Absurd’ Impeachment: “Dumbest Political Move In History”


“I think that it’s one of the dumbest and most ridiculous political moves that we’ve seen in history,” said former White House communications director Sarah Sanders today on Fox News. And she is not wrong either.

“I think this should be looked at as an in-kind contribution to the president’s reelection campaign.”

“All this is doing is helping fuel his campaign. They’re raising more money. They’re rallying his base and they’re unifying the Republican Party by attacking this president.”

“It is absurd that they continue to go down this road and haven’t learned anything new from it,” she added.

“I think the big loser in all this process has to be Joe Biden. So far the only inappropriate behavior that I’m seeing in this entire thing is that of Vice President Joe Biden, in order to help his son.”

“This is exactly out of the Democrats’ playbook,” she said. “They used a fake scandal with Russia.

Now they’re trying to create a fake scandal with Ukraine. It doesn’t matter who the actors are. The real bad players in this whole process are the Democrats, trying to fool American voters.

“The good thing is, the American voters are far too smart to fall for the Democrat lies,” Sanders added.

“I think one of the best things that’s coming out of this is the contrast of who is showing up to be fit to lead our country in a very trying time.”

“Time and time again the Democrats show their true colors. They don’t care about the country,” she added.

“They care about tearing the president down. They’ve completely lost sight of what is important and are singularly focused on making sure they destroy the president and win reelection.”