Ted Cruz Drops Hammer: “Trump Has Broken Democratic Party”


Ted Cruz came out firing at the Hapless left today on ABC and he hit them right where it hurts. By now every single American knows the Democrats sold out their base over the last 30 years.

They did it in plain sight with trade deals that hollowed out the middle class while enriching their campaign donors beyond belief.

It’s not a coincidence that during the exact years the left sold out the working class the income disparity skyrocketed.

The top 1% saw their wealth rise faster than ever before while the rest of us were stuck in neutral, making the same wages we made in the 1970s.

But our costs have gone up while our incomes stalled. Enter Trump to literally remake the political map in this country for what promises to be a generation.

Or as Ted Cruz says: Trump has broken the Dem party.

“If you look at Thursday night, the entire night of the debate, not a single Democrat talked about jobs, not a single Democrat talked about the economy, about the fact that we’ve got the lowest African American unemployment ever recorded, the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever recorded,” Cruz said on ABC.

Correct – what exactly is their platform?

“Instead what the Democrats told the American people is they want to raise your taxes, they want to triple the price you pay for a gallon of gas at the pump, they want open borders, they want to take away your health insurance and they want to take away your guns,” the Texas senator continued.

Not the stuff of winning campaigns to be sure.

“I think Donald Trump has broken the Democratic party,” Cruz said.

“They are defined now just by hating him. They ought to be the party of jobs. They used to be a party focused on jobs, they’re not anymore.”