Barbra Streisand Posts Picture of Nancy Pelosi Impaling Trump


Barbra Streisand just crossed the line and will join Kathy Griffin and others in the goon hall of fame. The left, for some reason, is obsessed with simulating President Trump’s demise in bad media.

Like the mob in Rome, they want him taken down and they want it to be a spectacle. Some of the clowns are not only demanding Trump’s removal they actually want him prosecuted.

They have come unhinged and for proof take a look at Barbara Streisand.


From Breitbart:

Barbra Streisand often flirts with the idea of President Trump being removed from office. In July the Meet the Fockers star demanded that “climate deniers” be voted out, “starting with Trump.”

“Last week it was 114 in Paris and Guadalajara was buried in 3 feet of ice from a hailstorm,” Barbra Streisand said in a tweet, linking to a fake news Washington Post article about the hail storm that left the Mexican city of Guadalajara under several feet of snow over the weekend. “Climate change is here now and it is time for voters to remove the climate deniers from office. Starting with Trump.”