Bette Midler Says USA Should Be Grateful For Man “Who Beat The Sh*t Out of Rand Paul”


Bette Midler will be getting a knock on her door from the authorities after she crossed the line with an attack on Rand Paul.

Remember, Rand’s neighbor attacked a sitting Senator and broke multiple ribs – Paul has had at least one surgery to fix the problems caused by this attack. So for Better Midler to say this – even if she deleted the tweet is a bridge too far.

“I DO NOT promote violence but… Rand Paul says the Kurds are being ‘ingrates’ for taking their frustrations out on US troops. Which is a good reminder for us all to be more grateful for the neighbor who beat the shit out of Rand Paul,” Bette Midler tweeted.

“We saved the Kurds from being beheaded and massacred by ISIS,” Paul told ABC News which set off Midler.

“They were able to win with our armament, with our Air Force, and they should be thanking us and throwing rose petals. And so, no, I’m offended by them throwing refuse at our troops. And it shows them to be ingrates.”

“Socialism throughout history has been associated with famine and genocide,” Paul said. “It’s important that young people know that history, but it’s also important that young people know that you can’t dress up something evil like socialism with the word democratic and make it okay.”

On Impeachment Rand said:

“I think there’s no basis at all for impeachment,” Paul said, adding that he thinks it’s a completely partisan probe.”

From Breitbart:

Midler’s Wednesday tweet is far from the first instance in which she’s endorsed physical violence against a Republican.

Midler faced blowback in June over a deleted tweet in which she fantasized about President Trump being stabbed to death. Last year, the Hollywood leftist said she hoped to watch the president’s funeral on television and expressed her desire to see him and his entire family hanged.

In September, she said that she hoped a “bee hive” would harm President Donald Trump, and fantasized about singer Beyonce beating the president in 2020.

“#Beyoncé has 133 million Instagram followers. More than double the people who voted for Trump. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the #BeyHive mobilized to defeat him? I also wouldn’t mind if a regular bee hive fucked his shit up,” Midler said.