Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson To Boycott Trump’s Speech To Chiefs of Police of Association


Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson just made a huge and quite petty mistake. He announced he will snub Trump when he comes to Chicago to give a big speech to the top cops in the land.

Johnson said he will boycott Trump’s speech over a difference in “values” although he does not give specifics.

For a police chief and department embroiled in constant controversy and lawsuits over terrible behavior that has gone unchecked for years by top guys like Johnson, this is a bridge too far.

Clean up your own house before you throw stones.

From The Washington Times: Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says he will not attend President Donald Trump’s planned speech next week at the International Chiefs of Police Conference, which the city is hosting.

Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says Johnson will attend various events at the conference but has no interest in hearing what Trump has to say.

Guglielmi says “the values of the people of Chicago are important to him than anything that could be discussed at that speech.”

From Chicago Sun-Times:

President Donald Trump on Monday will make his first visit to the city since becoming president and will speak to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Chicago Sun-Times has confirmed.

Trump, for years a critic of Chicago’s handling of crime, slammed the city in a speech to the police chiefs group at its annual conference last year in Orlando.

The Sun-Times has also learned that Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson will boycott Trump’s speech.

A White House official told the Sun-Times that the group is “the largest annual gathering of law enforcement leaders in the world” and “the IACP was the first law enforcement association to endorse the President’s First Step Act, which prepares inmates to successfully rejoin society and enacts commonsense sentencing reforms to make our justice system fairer for all Americans. President Trump is expected to discuss his strong record on law enforcement, the historic First Step Act legislation, and economic actions taken to reduce crime and recidivism, including Opportunity Zones.”

The Sun-Times reported earlier this month that Trump was likely to speak to the police chiefs organization.

Johnson said through a spokesman that he is “very much looking forward to hosting America’s police chiefs and participating in collaborative discussions around domestic police policy. However, I will not be attending the presidents’ remarks because the values of the people of Chicago are more important to me than anything that could be said in the speech.”