GOP Senators Hit back At Mitt Romney For Trahsing Trump: ‘Easy To Sit In Stands And Be A Critic’


Mitt Romney is no fan of President Trump’s and he is leading the charge to take him down, or so it appears to outside observers.

The rumors are also flying that Romney is doing the same inside the halls of Congress, but it is his public comments that have GOP Senators upset.

Romney is publicly causing friction among the ranks with his constant criticism and the GOP is revolting.

From The Hill: Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), one of Trump’s biggest defenders, told The Hill he’s frustrated with Romney’s regular critiques of Trump and suggested his colleague might have unresolved feelings about failing to defeat former President Obama in the 2012 presidential campaign.

“Because one election didn’t turn out the way that Mitt wanted it to turn out,” Inhofe said Wednesday, “he’s critical of the president.”

“So, I’m not pleased with it,” he added.

… Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) likened Romney to a fan who boos a quarterback when the going gets tough.

“It’s awfully easy to sit in the stands and be critical of the people on the field,” Perdue told reporters Tuesday when asked about Romney’s critical statements and speeches about Trump and his policy decisions.

Perdue also bristled at the idea that Romney is giving voice to feelings that other GOP lawmakers share but are afraid to acknowledge because they don’t want to get smacked down by Trump on Twitter.

“We’re all quite capable of having a voice,” Perdue said, dismissing the idea that Romney’s critiques might embolden other GOP senators to speak out. “No, I don’t see that as encouraging or discouraging anybody.”

“That’s his own opinion. I disagree with it strongly,” Perdue said of Romney’s criticisms of Trump.