Hanoi Jane Fonda To Move To DC To Try To Take Down Trump


Jane Fonda is moving to Washington D.C. with one goal in mind. To take down Trump through a series of protests and direct actions.

She also plans on getting arrested as many times as she can. She is planning to protest Trump and the GOP and demand they take action on climate change among other issues.

She will hold weekly rallies, teach-in, and protests and who knows what else and many will only see her past betrayal when she earned her nickname  Hanoi Jane.

Interview conducted by The LA Times: What changes will your rallies demand?

The most important is to stop all new leasing permits for any fossil fuel development on public lands and waters. Because no matter what we do, if that doesn’t stop, we’re doomed. Number two: gradual phaseout over 30 years with a fair transition. That means … all of those people who worked for the fossil fuel industry get decent union jobs … that can support a family.

The fossil fuel industry is going to have to leave trillions and trillions of dollars in the ground, and they’re going to be asked to pay for the mess they’ve made. And I have not an iota of compunction about the fact that we should insist on that. Because if they had told the truth 30 years ago, the transition could have been moderate, could have been incremental. But because they lied and covered up what they knew, now what we have to do is radical.

Is there a role for Hollywood to play?

I don’t know, I’m not even thinking about it. Whatever they do, it’s too slow.

 Why four months in D.C.?

Well, I went to Ted Sarandos, who’s the [chief content officer] of Netflix, and I asked him if he could give me a year off — a year’s hiatus from “Grace and Frankie” — so I could do this for a year. And he tried, and he couldn’t because of the contracts. I mean, there’s a lot of actors in the mix. And so four months is what I could get. And then when we finish, it’ll be a longer season because it’s our last season. Then I’ll come right back.

Who do you want to see in the White House in 2020?

I’m not going to tell you. But I’ll give you a few hints. It’s too late for moderation. Well, you know who that rules out. And I think diversity is important. And we need somebody that has a plan — not that I’m naming names.

You’ve met Trump?

Yeah! When he was married to Marla [Maples].


When he became the nominee, I thought, well, that’s good, because he’s not ideological. You know, this will be easy. I did not expect it would be this bad. I didn’t.

I tried to get to him on the climate right afterwards. … I know men like him. Not as bad, but I know men like him. And the ego is a big thing. So I thought I’m going to go in there with some gorgeous woman climate activists. I talked to Pamela Anderson, for example. And if she has to get on her knees and just say, “You’re going to be a hero. You can save the world.”

So I called the son-in-law, Jared [Kushner]. And I told him what I wanted to do. And he said, “Well, [my wife], Ivanka, is the environmentalist in the family.” And so I called her. And she said, “Well, I’ll see what I can do.” Nothing.

But I realize now. A group of gorgeous women next to the industry that has given him all the money and power … we couldn’t possibly have held up. Pamela was ready to do it. And I’m desperate. I’ll do anything.