Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans Collapses, Multiple Injuries Reported


A stunning disaster is underway in New Orleans after the under-construction Hard Rock Hotel collapsed.

The top floors collapsed sending smoke billowing out – 45 people were said to be inside when the structure failed.

Three have been rushed to the hospital, multiple injuries have been reported. From NOLA.com:

The site is located at the corner of Canal and North Rampart streets. A group of construction workers on the scene who were working on the building said an hour or so after the collapse that workers were still being accounted for.

One worker said about 45 people were working inside the building.

“I was on the 18th floor when it happened,” he said. “We ran to the center of the building to escape.”

Witnesses described a surreal scene of destruction.

“It sounded like a — I don’t know how to describe it — like a building coming down,” said Matt Worges, who saw the collapse from the nearby Tidewater Building.

“It was a deep, rumbling sound,” he said. “Like an airplane maybe. It drew my head immediately.”

“One guy — I don’t know how he was spared — there was rubble all around him,” he said. But, Worges added, that man was able to climb on his own down a fire truck ladder to the street below.

Another witness, Keith Director, was driving on Rampart when he heard a loud “bang,” that drew his attention to the building. He said a huge crane swing and what appeared the whole front of the building collapse.

“It saw two guys on about the 10th story just hanging on,” Director said. The crane, he added, “was just sort of dangling there.”