Joe Biden Apologizes For Calling Clinton Impeachment ‘Lynching’ As Media’s Trump Hit Job Falls Apart


The media fails again and spectacularly. In a shocking debacle, the media rushed to judge and condemn Trump for saying the impeachment was like a lynching and even the Dem politicians got in on the act.

But as is usual with a media frenzy looking for clicks and eyeballs not facts, they got it wrong. Joe Biden at least had the stones to apologize when a video surfaced of his saying the Clinton impeachment was ‘partisan lynching,” will the media for pushing a fake narrative?

Look, there are plenty of things to criticize Trump for – plenty – but when the media and the Democrats create fake scandals to drive a media cycle it discredits them and nullifies any potential future legitimate attack – they don’t see it but it is so. And it will hand Trump reelection on a silver platter.

From CNN:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday denounced President Donald Trump’s comparison of the ongoing impeachment inquiry to a “lynching,” but in a 1998 interview, the then-senator from Delaware also invoked the term in reference to impeachment.

“Impeachment is not ‘lynching,’ it is part of our Constitution,” the former vice president said in a tweet on Tuesday. “Our country has a dark, shameful history with lynching, and to even think about making this comparison is abhorrent. It’s despicable.”

In an appearance on CNN in October 1998, however, Biden said the impending impeachment proceedings against then-President Bill Clinton could be viewed as a “partisan lynching.”

“Even if the President should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching or whether or not it was something that in fact met the standard, the very high bar, that was set by the founders as to what constituted an impeachable offense,” Biden said.

The Biden campaign declined to comment. Later on Tuesday night, Biden apologized for his words in a tweet.

“This wasn’t the right word to use and I’m sorry about that,” Biden said. “Trump on the other hand chose his words deliberately today in his use of the word lynching and continues to stoke racial divides in this country daily.”