Judge Pirro Dares Pelosi To Hold Vote: “There’s no one who’s more ready for a fight than Donald Trump”


Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped the House Democrats and dared Nancy Pelosi to actually hold a vote in the House and make moderate Dems walk the plank.

Pirro and Trump want the Democrats on record as favoring impeachment for what Pirro says is a CIA orchestrated plot to take down Trump.

Now, it is odd that all the liberals in America who have bashed the CIA for years for black sites during the Iraq war, waterboarding, and for overthrowing democratically elected governments in Central America and other places in the past now back the CIA.

But now that they are going after Trump all is forgotten? Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed and that is Pirros’ point – that this impeachment is all politics and thus must be defeated.

We have a political way to settle issues called elections and this ain’t one.

From Fox News: “I mean, give me a break. Who is this guy [the first whistleblower]?” Pirro asked a live studio audience. “Number one: he’s a CIA person, okay?

What we’re experiencing right now is the CIA — an intelligence agency — attempting a coup against the United States president. And that’s what’s going on here. This is intelligence agencies trying to take out a president.”

“The best evidence is the transcript. The president was open. He was willing and transparent. He said, here it is. Here’s what I said,” she pointed out.

She said that the president is entitled to due process and that the only reason the left is using the House Intelligence Committee to examine witnesses is because the testimony is private.

“The administration should say, ‘Hey look, you want a real impeachment? You vote it…Is this just about party and politics? Or is this about justice in America?” Pirro asked.

“There’s no one who’s more ready for a fight than Donald Trump,” Pirro stressed.