Lou Dobbs Rips Chuck And Nancy: “Lawless, Reckless: Go To Hell”


Lou Dobbs ripped into Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as the impeachment inquiry heats up.

Trump has been besieged by leakers since day 1 – yes every president fights leakers with few going as far as Obama did to quash them, but no one has been leaked on like Trump.

The leaks continue in an almost daily drip of mostly inconsequential news at this point – have you noticed that all the recent bombshells by the media were admitted to by team Trump months ago in the media.

They were never hiding – they were doing this stuff in the open so what is different now?

The Dems smell blood in the water that’s what and think they finally have Trump – they will lose in the Senate making this more Kabuki theater but so it goes with the left.

Enter Lou Dobbs. From the Washington Examiner: Fox Business host Lou Dobbs took aim at Democrats over their impeachment inquiry into President Trump, saying they were acting as an “enemy of the state.”

They are absolutely willing to subvert the president of the United States. They are lawless, they are reckless, and then they want to pretend — Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want to talk with the president about gun control?” Dobbs said Monday night in regards to Democratic leaders saying they still want certain legislation signed by Trump despite their impeachment inquiry.

“Really? Nancy, Chuck get real; You’re behaving as an enemy of the state and then you want to play like you’re going to make a deal with the president?”

As he ended the segment, he added, “Go to hell!”

The rant came as Dobbs had a panel on to take on the whistleblower complaint that fueled the start of an impeachment inquiry into Trump. Dobbs, 74, claimed, “Obviously it’s what they want” after a panelist asked if the CIA wanted to be “overturning elections.”

“It is just for President Trump,” he added.