Matt Gaetz Shuts Down MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Over Dems Impeachment Of Trump


Matt Gaetz went into the lion’s den that is MNBC and came out the clear winner. In an explosive interview, Gaetz shut down Hallie Jackson over the Dem’s Trump impeachment blasting them for “due process inequities.”

He compared Schiff and Pelosi’s treatment of Trump to Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon who got to fight back in public.

Jackson asked, “I want to find out why you think the rules do not apply to you as they’re laid out, to you, Congressman Gaetz. Why don’t they apply to you?”

“The precedent that was applied to president Clinton and president Nixon would necessitate some articulation of the rules so we have an understanding of what the Due Process requirements will be,” matt said.

“We see Democrats now sacrificing due process on the altar of their hatred for Donald Trump,” Gaetz added.

Jackson brought up the testimony of Bill Taylor:

“I’m not going to get into the specifics of the Taylor deposition because I wasn’t present for it,” Gaetz said

“Do you think it’s appropriate?” Jackson said.

“I do not believe it would be appropriate for any politician to link military aid to assistance in a future election. No. And I also don’t think that’s what the president did,” Gaetz said.

Jackson, “It appears from the testimony that we have seen reported publicly from the witnesses here that that is in fact what President Trump did… So do you dispute the facts then?”

“You’re playing the game here, Hallie,” Gaetz said shutting her down. “They selectively leak stuff that is not subject to cross-examination, rigorous review.”

Correct. The coordinated leaking – the night before damaging parts of the prepared statements leak, then during the day the Dems go on camera and say they can’t talk about it but the testimony is danming.

Then they leak the statement and anything else they can while the GOP is left with nothing. Then the Dems do it all again with the next witness.