Mike Pence Checkmates Pelosi, Will Prove Trump Innocent By Releasing Transcripts Of His Call With Zelensky


Mike Pence just pulled the rug right out from under Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry.

Pence stunned reporters in Iowa yesterday when he said he would release the transcripts of his calls with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Pence has met with Zelensky a few times and has had numerous calls with him to discuss multiple matters and Pence says he never once mentioned the Bidens.


Look, Zelensky came out today again and said he was not pressured and if the Trump administration was pressuring the Ukrainians Pence would have been doing it to as he was heavily involved with the Ukrainians.

From Reuters:

Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday he is working with the White House counsel’s office to release transcripts of his own calls with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Pence said records of his two phone conversations would help exonerate President Donald Trump of any wrongdoing.

Pence was asked about releasing his transcripts and told reporters, “I’d have no objection to that.” He spoke after an event in Waukee, Iowa, where he addressed supporters about the president’s trade policy.

Pence said he “never discussed the issue of the Bidens” with Zelenskiy. And he again defended the president, insisting that a “plain reading” of the rough transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukranian leader shows “there was no quid pro quo.”

Pence also called on Pelosi and the Democrats to drop their nonsense and get back to work for the American people.