Mitch Caves To Lindsey, GOP To Formally Condemn Schiff’s Closed Door, Illegitimate Impeachment Inquiry


Mitch McConnell just caved to Lindsey Graham’s demands to formally denounce Adam Schiff’s closed-door impeachment process.

Lindsey Graham has been trying to rally the GOP to issue some formal condemnation of what the Democrats are doing behind closed doors.

He has been unable to do so, however, with many GOP Senators taking a wait and see approach to a fast-moving story.

That said, today the GOP will start moving and will be introducing a resolution by Lindsey with help from Mitch “condemning the House of Representatives’ closed door, illegitimate impeachment inquiry,” per a release

“We’re going to have more to say that later. Obviously I support it. We’ll get back to you on the timing,” Mitch McConnell told reporters today.

From The Hill: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on Wednesday he will introduce a resolution condemning the House process, and he’s urging the Senate to quickly dismiss any articles of impeachment instead of holding a weeks-long trial.

“In my view, if this process continues, there’s not a formal inquiry … then that would be illegitimate,” Graham said, referring to the House’s reluctance to hold a formal impeachment inquiry vote.

Republicans, who believe it is likely the House will impeach Trump, are weighing what is best for their party: a rapid dismissal of impeachment or a vote to acquit Trump after a trial. Sixty-seven votes are needed to convict a president.

Graham first floated the idea of discarding articles of impeachment during an interview this week with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, where he argued the Senate should go “on record condemning the House.”

“Here’s the point of the resolution: Any impeachment vote based on this process, to me, is illegitimate, is unconstitutional, and should be dismissed in the Senate without a trial,” Graham said.