New Leak From Within CNN Claims CEO Jeff Zucker Has Personal Vendetta Against Trump


An explosive new leak from within the halls of CNN is going to rock Washington D.C. for months.

A new expose about political bias from inside CNN just released an excerpt and if the rest is as good as this, CNN is in real trouble.

Now, the expose is from the renowned muckrakers Project Veritas.


They have a colorful track record, to say the least, and while they have slain a few giants, mainly ACORN…

They get criticized from taking things out of context and manufacturing scandals where none exist.

You can judge for yourself when you watch the teaser they released today and then watch the whole thing when it comes.

But what we can see today is pretty devastating.

Jeff Zucker the Chairman over at CNN calls Fox News fake news, which is rich.

He goes on to basically say Fox peddles conspiracy theories and disinformation to its audience.

One employee can be clearly heard saying Zucker has “personal vendetta against Trump.”

It looks like Project Veritas still has a leaker inside as they captured this today: