Rand Paul Overrules Chuck Schumer, Blocks Dem Resolution To Hit Trump On Syria


The Senate is a weird and deliberative body that operates with its own rules and timeframes. They don’t always do the best for the American people, preferring instead to make sure they can stay in office forever and avoid getting a real job.

Trump Syria pullout has not been popular on the Hill so many expected Chuck Schumer’s new resolution to hit Trump to pass with GOP support.

But not on Rand Paul’s watch. He stepped in and blocked Chuck Schumer while at the same time embarrassing his fellow politicians by reminding them that Congress declares war not the executive – a power Congress ceded long ago and should never have.

Paul correctly and simply wants them on record as being pro-war, something they won’t do because they know how unpopular that position is.

From The Hill: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Tuesday blocked for the second time on the Senate floor a resolution formally opposing President Trump’s Syria strategy.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) tried to set up a vote on the House-passed resolution, which formally opposes Trump’s decision to pull back U.S. troops from northern Syria and calls on Turkey to end its military incursion.

“What’s the best way to get the president to act? Well, my friends, you know it. It’s you. When Republican senators protest what the president has done, he sometimes acts,” Schumer said from the Senate floor.

Under the Senate’s rules, any one senator can request to vote on or pass a bill. But because that requires the sign off from every senator, any one lawmaker can also block the request.

 Paul, a libertarian-leaning GOP senator, argued that if Congress is going to take up a resolution opposing Trump’s Syria decision they needed to have a larger war powers debate.

 “If Democrats want to send our young men and women to fight in the Syrian civil war, let’s have that debate. By all means, let’s have the constitutional debate today on the Senate floor right here, right now,” Paul said.