Rose McGowan Sues Gloria Allred’s Daughter Lisa Bloom For Fraud, Violating RICO Act


Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom have long been rumored to be total frauds. They run to any camera, faster than Avenatti, and play the victim card when none exists.

Remember the Kathy Griffin debacle? But they have an even nastier side that threatens their reputation on the left.

It seems they represented Harvey Weinstein and were engaging in despicable and probably illegal acts to silence Rose McGowan.

Now she is suing them and others accusing them of violating the RICO act.

Weinstein is currently facing criminal charges and he may very well spend the rest of his life behind bars.

McGowan says they violated the RICO act, wiretapped her, committed fraud and violated an anti-intimidation law.

From The Hill: In the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in California, McGowan alleges that Weinstein launched an effort involving “some of the most powerful forces that money can buy,” including attorney David Boies and Israeli security firm Black Cube, after learning she planned to allege in her 2018 memoir “Brave” that he raped her in 1997.

Weinstein “relied on his co-conspirators, including Defendants, to seek and suppress information about other women who might reveal his misconduct, harm his reputation, and potentially report his sexual misconduct,” the lawsuit claims. “Together, they worked in concert for more than a year to silence Weinstein’s victims and the journalists who were reporting Weinstein’s abuses.”

“With McGowan specifically, Defendants tried steal McGowan’s unpublished book, attempted to buy McGowan’s  silence, and planned — in the event that they could not intimidate McGowan into withholding her book — to undermine McGowan’s reputation, such that she would not be believed,” it adds, alleging violations of federal and state laws.