Swing State Democrat Booed At Town Hall For Supporting Impeachment


Nancy Pelosi is in a tough spot. President Trump and the Republicans will not participate in the Dems show impeachment trial and are insisting Pelosi make it official by holding a vote.

Now, Pelosi does not want to hold a vote to formally open the inquiry because that will put her House majority at risk in the 2020 election.

She wants to have it both ways and Trump will not let her and he is right. Put everyone on record and let the chips fall where they may.


Why is Pelosi taking this extraordinary step? Look no further than what happened to freshman Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D., Mich.).

She just got booed for supporting impeachment at a town hall.

From The Free Beacon:

Freshman Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D., Mich.) was greeted with jeers for publicly backing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Several constituents gathered at the American Legion Hall in Rochester, Mich., could be heard booing as she spoke. Some in the audience then began chanting, “Four more years,” according to a clip flagged by the pro-Trump Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC.

“Myself and six other members of the freshman class in Congress, all former military or former CIA, wrote a joint op-ed and came out in support of an impeachment inquiry,” Slotkin said, referring to the Washington Post editorial she co-wrote with other Democratic lawmakers.

That editorial, as well as her decision to reverse her previous opposition to impeachment, has not been received well in her district. In addition to the American Legion town hall, she also held a Thursday night event in Hartland Township. Slotkin received a mixture of boos and cheers after she announced her support for impeachment at that event.

“I disagree with [Slotkin],” local resident Randy Greene later told Michigan Public Radio. “I think she was using talking points. She said the President should have gone to the FBI [with concerns about improper actions by members of the Biden family] and that we should trust the FBI but clearly, we can’t.”

Another man stood up and asked, “What’s the rush with the impeachment? Impeachment is a serious thing. This would be only the fourth president in the history to be impeached and to ensure impeachment on something like this is really stretching it.”