Trump Calls For End To Dems ‘Scam’ After Ukraine President Vehemently Denies Trump ‘Blackmailed’ Him


“The President of the Ukraine just stated again, in the strongest of language, that President Trump applied no pressure and did absolutely nothing wrong. He used the strongest language possible. That should end this Democrat Scam, but it won’t, because the Dems & Media are FIXED!” Trump said this morning.

Zelensky held a long press conference today where he ended Pelosi’s impeachment dreams and he sent a shockwave through the Dem establishment by saying he would absolutely investigate whether the Democrats used Ukraine in the 2016 election.

Trump took a shot at Biden as well: “Where is Hunter Biden? He has disappeared while the Fake News protects his Crooked daddy!”


Trump was responding to his son Eric’s earlier broadside: “Board members of Exxon Mobil (one of the world’s largest and most prestigious energy companies) make $330,000 annually.

Hunter Biden, with no industry knowledge or duties, was being paid $600,000 annually. All of this while the average annual salary in Ukraine is $1700 per year.”

From Fox News:

Zelensky spoke at a daylong event with media inside a Kiev food market, and said he believes the transcript released by the White House is accurate and that he knew the U.S. had withheld $400 million in military aid due to concerns about corruption and concern for American “taxpayer money.” But the issue, he said, was never linked to Trump’s desire that Kiev rekindle an investigation into an energy company with ties to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

“There was no blackmail,” Zelensky said. “They blocked this money and nobody asked us [for] anything.”

In his comments Thursday, Zelensky also told reporters his country will “happily” investigate whether Ukrainians interfered in the United States’ 2016 elections – a topic Trump also broached with him during his July phone call with the leader.

Zelenskiy said “we can’t say yes or no” as to whether there was any interference without an investigation.