Tulsi Ends Hillary’s Reign Of Terror: “Step Down From Your Throne, Acknowledge Damage You’ve Caused”


The Democrats are not enthused about their candidates or at least the money people are. They see a Warren or Sanders winning the primary easily from a hapless Joe Biden and know that is a recipe for disaster in the general.

So the rumors are flying that Bloomberg or Hillary will enter the race late and try to steal the middle ground.

Hillary even admitted if she saw a path to victory she would do it. Enter Tulsi Gabbard who officially ended her reign of terror over the Dem party by demanding Hillary apologize for her many blunders.

“It is long past time for you to step down from your throne so the Democratic Party can lead with a new foreign policy which will actually be in the interests of and benefit the American people and the world,’ Tulsi said.

From The Daily Mail:

Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard continued to ream into Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night, releasing another campaign video where she slams the former Secretary of State’s foreign policy as a ‘disaster’ and tells her to ‘step down from your throne’.

The one minute clip, entitled ‘Hillary, Acknowledge the Damage You’ve Caused’, sees the Hawaii Congresswoman blames Clinton for the deaths of servicemen overseas.

 ‘Hillary, your foreign policy was a disaster for our country and the world,’ the 38-year-old military combat veteran who served in the Iraq War said.

‘It’s resulted in the deaths and injuries of so many of my brothers and sisters in uniform. It’s devastated entire countries, millions of lives lost, refugee crises, our enemy al-Qaeda/ISIS strengthened,’ she added.