Barack Obama Warns Democrats About Joe Biden: “Biden Doesn’t Have It”


Politico’s Ryan Lizza just reported on some behind the scenes Barack Obama drama and it is not good for the Democrats.

Specifically, it is not good for Joe Biden. With a historically weak Dem field, Trump seems stronger now than ever.

The Dem field is so weak you have Republican moderates like Mike Bloomberg switching parties and running as a Democrat.

He wouldn’t do that, and waste 500million, if he thought any Democrat could beat Trump. Look, the reflex to back Biden is born from the frustration the Dems have when they survey their choices.

You would panic as well if you were a Democrat, but anyone who thinks Biden is the answer has not been paying attention.

He is not an inspiring speaker or presence in the room and he is literally running like it is 2008 and not 2019.

Look, don’t take my word for it, take the guy who would know, Barack Obama, who according to this report says Biden really does not have it.

From Mediaite:

A new report on former President Barack Obama suggests the former president doesn’t have faith in Joe Biden’s chances to connect with voters in states, like Iowa, that made his 2008 campaign successful.

Politico’s Ryan Lizza reported on the 2020 Democratic candidates who met Obama at his office in D.C. this year, seeking his advice on how to win the White House.

 Lizza reported that as Obama provided advice to the candidates who met with him, it also gave him a chance to learn about them so he and his advisers can figure out who is the most likely person to defeat President Donald Trump.

Here are some of Obama’s biggest takeaways so far, per Lizza:

“Sometimes he offers candid advice about his visitors’ strengths and weaknesses. With several lesser-known candidates, according to people who have talked to him or been briefed on his meetings, he was blunt about the challenges of breaking out of a large field. His advice is not always heeded.

He told Patrick earlier this year that it was likely “too late” for him to secure “money and talent” if he jumped in the race.

Occasionally, he can be cutting.

With one candidate, he pointed out that during his own 2008 campaign, he had an intimate bond with the electorate, especially in Iowa, that he no longer has. Then he added, “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”