Ben Carson Hits Back At “Shameless” Maxine Waters After She Attacked Trump: You Live In Glass House


Ben Carson just dropped the hammer on Maxine waters after the longtime California Congresswoman attacked President Trump.

Carson called her “shameless” and said she lived in a glass house and ought not be throwing stones. Ben wrote:

“Shamelessness is a career politician of 30 years laying blame. Shamelessness is allowing more than 55,000 Americans to live on the very streets they represent.”

“My mother always taught me that people shouldn’t throw rocks, especially while they live in a glass house.”

“Because of that wise lesson, I was a little surprised to read your hostile letter to President Trump regarding the record number of homeless Americans in California, particularly in your district,”

“To me, the most compassionate, obvious, and logical solution would be to get as many homeless Americans off the streets — with a roof over their heads — as soon as humanly possible.”

“I have sent multiple letters to your office and requested numerous meetings, but each time you’ve refused. Basic manners elude you, and it seems that instead of producing results, you’re more interested in producing cheap headlines at the President’s expense — like a true career politician.”

Carson then wrote, “shamelessness is allowing anyone other than a biological female into a battered women’s shelter.”

Maxine wrote:

“Your shamelessness knows no bounds. From day one of your presidency, you have attacked our democracy, and now you have set your ire on the 550,000 Americans who on any given night experience homelessness.”

“Given this deplorable track record, I demand that you provide additional information on your Administration’s recent report, ‘The State of Homelessness in America,’ and your reported plans to unilaterally demolish homeless tent camps and relocate homeless individuals to federally-owned facilities.”

“As you know, homelessness in this country has reached crisis proportions, and this effort would be one of the numerous cruel, unlawful, and unpatriotic actions you have taken during what will hopefully be a short-lived presidency.”

“The president is all about himself. Now, if you want to know something, I am disgusted with those spineless members of the Senate who don’t have the guts to stand up for this country.”

“Many of them have defined themselves as patriotic. They’re not patriotic. They are spineless, and they’re not willing to step up and do what needs to be done in recognizing the danger of this president. They are willing to harm our country.”