Clarence Thomas Unloads On Modern Day Liberals, Compares Them To The Klan In New Documentary


Clarence Thomas is firing back at all his liberal critics and they really ought to be ashamed. Thomas, in a new documentary ABC News saw, trashed modern-day liberals to their crooked cores.

He held nothing back, basically calling them racist for treating him worse than the Klan because he does not do what liberal’s expect black people to do.

“I felt as though in my life I had been looking at the wrong people as the people who would be problematic toward me.

We were told that, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be the bigot in the pickup truck; it’s gonna be the Klansmen; it’s gonna be the rural sheriff.”

“But it turned out that through all of that, ultimately the biggest impediment was the modern day liberal.”

“They were the ones who would discount all those things because they have one issue or because they have the power to caricature you.”

On the Anita Hill smear Thomas hit back hard:

“Do I have like stupid written on the back of my shirt? I mean come on. We know what this is all about,” Thomas said.

“People should just tell the truth: ‘This is the wrong black guy; he has to be destroyed.’ Just say it. Then now we’re at least honest with each other,” he said according to ABC.

“The idea was to get rid of me,” he says. “And then after I was there, it was to undermine me.”

“Most of my opponents on the judiciary committee cared about only one thing,” Thomas says in the film. “How would I rule on abortion rights. You really didn’t matter and your life didn’t matter. What mattered is what they wanted and what they wanted was this particular issue.”

“We are judges not advocates,” he says of his silence. “It’s not my job to argue with lawyers. The referee in the game shouldn’t be a participant in the game.”

“There’s different sets of rules for different people,” he said in a clip released in October. “If you criticize a black person who’s more liberal, you’re a racist whereas if you can do whatever to me — or now, Ben Carson — and that’s fine because you’re not really black because you’re not doing what we expect black people to do.”