Elise Stefanik Gets Star Witness To Clear Trump of Wrongdoing, Admit Obama Wanted Burisma Investigation Too


Elise Stefanik should do all the GOP questioning she is that good. She finally got her chance today to question Ambassador Sondland and she hit another home run.

She broke down the so-called case for impeachment the Democrats have lodged against Trump point by point.

She made clear that what Trump was doing asking for an investigation into Burisma was the exact same thing Barack Obama and his administration wanted. And that Biden was never mentioned.

If they can do it, Trump can, correct?

She went further and got Sondland to admit any talk of investigations were limited to Burisma and did not include talk about the Biden’s.

“President Trump never told me directly aid was conditioned on the investigation?”


“Never heard those words from Trump?”


“Instead, you testified Trump during Sept 9th call with Trump you said Trump said he wanted nothing, I want nothing, tell Zelensky to do right thing?”


“And the fact is aid was given without preconditions?”

“That is correct.”

“Trump did, in fact, meet with Zelensky at the UN with no announcement of investigations?”


“With no announcement of investigations before?”


“Or after?”


“And aid was released?”


“Your understanding of investigations means and is limited to the 2016 election and Burisma?”


“Are you aware during Obama admin partnered with Ukraine on an investigation into the owner of Burisma?”

“I am now.”

“In fact, the Obama admin state department was concerned because they raised it before senate testimony,” she added.

“Do you believe Hunter Biden has an appearance of a conflict of interest?”

“Clearly it is an appearance of a conflict of interest.”

“And yet we are not allowed to call Hunter Biden.”