Elise Stefanik Gets Witness To Admit Trump’s Conducting Review Of All Foreign Aid To Make New Rules For Giving


Elise Stefanik is a superstar. She really is the only thing to watch in these overly boring hearings.

She gets right to the point and she does not grandstand. Twice today she gave back some of her unused time after getting the exact answers she wanted.

Not many have done that preferring instead to grandstand for the cameras. Moreover, Elise makes some very good points and is doing a good job exposing the double standard here.

And she always seems to add more information to the mix – today she got a witness to admit Trump has been doing a top to bottom review of all foreign aid to try to save taxpayers money.

She also got two key Dem witnesses to agree that Trump was the one who gave Ukraine the lethal aid they so desperately wanted. And that other aid has been held up.

“Have you ever spoken to Trump about Ukraine aid?”

No from both.

“You testified there were no strings attached to aid?”

“I had no such knowledge.”

“You never heard the words Bursima or Biden?”


“You testified there were other countries with aid being withheld?”


“The aid packaged to Lebanon was held in the same fashion?”


“Central America too?”


“Pakistan security assistance was also withheld?”


“Aid is hard-earned tax dollars?”


Then she introduced some key new information the impeachment conversation:

Has the Trump admin been doing a foreign assistance review for all overseas aid so we can get better guidelines over how we hand out aid?


“This has been going on for a while?”


“The program had to prove they were worthy of getting out aid is that correct?”