Elise Stefanik Schools Star Dem Witness, Gets Him To Admit Trump Did Meet Zelensky In New York


Elise Stefanik continued her excellent performance today wringing more key admissions from the Dems star witnesses.

To anyone who thinks this is not all just made for TV performance meant to hurt Trump in 2020, you need to go talk to Mitch McConnell.

Mitch has stated numerous times there are not 20 votes in the Senate to remove Trump. So this becomes like Bill Clinton’s impeachment – another made for TV circus only the roles are reversed and the Dems get to show phony outrage.

Elise, however, took serious issue with the Dem’s false assertion that the GOP does not take Russian meddling seriously.

She also took great offense that a few unelected bureaucrats think they know better or have the right to meddle with the decision made by the President of the United States. (They can advise but should not sabotage.)

Elise got right to the heart of the issue with three quick questions:

“Did Ukraine receive the aid?” she asked both Hill and Holmes.



“There was no investigation of Biden’s, was there?”

“No,” said both.

“There was, in fact, a meeting with Trump and President Zelensky at the UN in New York?”

“Trump invited Zelensky to a meeting in the oval office but it has not happened yet,” Holmes said.

“But they did meet at the UN in New York?”

“They did but not in the oval office,” Holmes arrogantly said back.

An exasperated Elise Stefanik then dropped the hammer, “But they did meet at the UN?”

“Yes, they did meet at the UN,” Holmes finally said to which Hill agreed.

The left and their witnesses clearly want you to think an oval office visit is different but remember, when Trump met with Putin on the side at an international conference they said the sky as falling and Trump was guilty of being a Russian asset. They can’t have it both ways.