Jerry Nadler Takes Over For Schiff, Invites Trump To Attend Next Phase Of Impeachment Hearings


Jerry Nadler is back and just as arrogant as ever. He sent a letter to Trump inviting him to partake in Nadler’s new impeachment hearings.

The House Judiciary Committee, which Nadler chairs, just announced they have taken over for Adam Schiff and will hold their first hearing on Dec. 4.

They will define terms of the impending impeachment articles and ready the Dems for battle.

Ultimately Nadler’s committee will recommend whether the Democrats walk the plank and actually vote to impeach Trump.

With the effort doomed in the Senate, many are wondering why the left is hell-bent on this course of action and Nadler is their last chance to avoid it.

Nadler did invite Trump to attend the hearings and called it a privilege not a right for Trump in typical arrogant fashion.

From Time:

The public hearing will be titled, “the impeachment inquiry into Donald J. Trump: constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment.” A panel of constitutional experts and authorities will explain the constitutional framework of high crimes and misdemeanors, though the experts have not yet been identified.

“This is a legal hearing. The law needs to apply to the evidence and facts that have been derived,” a Judiciary Committee aide said on a phone call with reporters.

Up until this point, the Judiciary Committee has largely been sidelined, with the House Intelligence Committee leading the inquiry and public hearings. The announcement of the hearing is the strongest sign yet Democrats are moving forward with the next step in the inquiry.

It is at this point that President Trump is entitled to attend the hearings with his counsel, an invitation House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler extended in a letter to Trump on Tuesday.