Ron Johnson And Chuck Grassley Open Senate Investigation Into Hunter Biden And Burisma


Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley just made life more complicated for Joe and Hunter Biden.

It is shaping up to be a battle of investigations as the House heads toward an impeachment vote.

The GOP seems willing to investigate Joe and Hunter and Burisma while the Democrats will try to take Trump down via the holding up of aid.

Even if Hunter did nothing illegal, the political damage to Joe Biden is already done. He spent his life in the swamp and that does not play well these days.

To be fair, it never played well with most recent presidents running on an outsider playbook – Hillary Clinton was the worst candidate for the times as she is an embodiment, rightly or wrongly, for a corrupt establishment.

That is the lesson from 2016 and it looks like the Democrats have not learned from their mistakes.

Johnson and Grassley are looking into the financial ties between Hunter and Burisma looking for fraud, money laundering, or tax violations.

They are also seeking records on John Kerry’s stepson.

From Reuters:

The Republican chairmen of two U.S. Senate committees have asked the Treasury Department, in a letter, for possible reports of money laundering or fraud on the business dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son with a Ukraine energy firm.

The letter, seen by Reuters on Friday, seeks “suspicious activity reports,” or documents that financial institutions file with the department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network when a case of money laundering or fraud is suspected.

It was unclear if any such reports exist regarding Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son. There letter gave no evidence that Hunter Biden engaged in suspicious activity that would have been covered by such reports. []

The agency does not comment on the reports, a spokesman said. Fincen, as the network is known, collects more than 2 million such reports each year, and they are tipsheets that make no findings on whether illegal activity has occurred.

Read the letter here.