Trump Warns Obama After DOJ Opens Criminal Investigation On Spying: “Biggest Scandal In US History, We’re Going To Find Out”


President Trump broke his silence on the bombshell CNN story that Bill Barr and the Department of Justice have opened a criminal investigation into an FBI official for allegedly altering a document related to the Carter Page FISA documents.

Trump is calling out the Obama administration and Barack Obama himself for the deed and he is calling it the biggest scandal in American history.

Now, remember the FISA court and the laws passed after 911 to allow near-total surveillance of the American people has long been an issue for both parties.

They keep renewing the regulations but if it turned out they abused the system to spy on a political campaign the house of cards will fall.

Imagine… if they would do that to Trump as the GOP nominee what would they do to you if they desired? – Damn near anything they want.

Safety and the fight against terror require some extraordinary steps, but if they abused the system they will deserve the blame, not those who demand massive changes as these concerns were well known and safeguards were supposedly put in place to prevent this behavior.

From Newsmax:

President Donald Trump Friday suggested that the knowledge that an FBI agent altered a document leading to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court granting permission to spy on campaign aide Carter Page went “all the way” to then-President Barack Obama.

“They were spying on my campaign and it went up to the top and everybody knows it, and now we’re going to find out,” Trump said during an extensive call-in interview with Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“This was spying on my campaign, something that has never been done in the history of our country,” he added.

“This was an overthrow attempt at the presidency. They tried to overthrow the presidency. This is a disgrace…I’m not surprised to see it. It is just starting to come up. I think this is nothing compared to what you will see next couple of weeks. These people are sick.”

“What you’re going to see I predict will be perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country, political scandal,” said Trump.

“I purposely stay out. I tell Bill Barr to handle everything. I wouldn’t have to. I could get very much involved but I purposely don’t. I haven’t, and you know what? It is better that way I guess.”

“Even more importantly you have Durham, coming out, shortly thereafter. He is the U.S. Attorney and he has already announced it is criminal.

And we’ll see what happens. But I’ll tell you what, you have a lot of very, very bad people. You know a lot of people say deep state. I don’t like to use the word deep state. I say they’re really bad, sick, people.”