Adam Schiff Caught On Camera Drinking and Celebrating Impeachment At Expensive DC Restaurant as Eric Bolling Calls Him Out


Adam Schiff has proven to be a leaker. Adam Schiff went on every TV camera that would have him and pushed a false narrative about Trump.

He lied, he leaked but he knew because the information was classified his malicious actions would go unanswered.

He got away with arrogantly going on MSNBC and making false accusations and dropping veiled hints to hoodwink the rubes on the left. It worked. The Russia hoax was born.

They fell for it and even though he has been thoroughly discredited, to a man al who pushed it have been discredited, has he apologized or taken corrective action?

No, he continued the charade through the next phase of the ongoing witch hunt – impeachment.

But that is Adam Schiff when he is acting for the cameras and for American people. When no one is watching he spends his time celebrating impeachment at one of the most expensive restaurants in DC.

Eric Bolling was stunned: “These elected officials have pretty darn expensive taste at the expense of taxpayers and special interest groups. #SwampDwellers”

A Washington-based consultant Alex Bruesewitz just happened to be there and geet Adam on film.

Alex tweeted: “Adam Schiff and the entire democratic house intel committee were at a fancy restaurant last night drinking and cheering about the ‘impeachment.’

Now they’ll be on TV today saying what a somber and sad day in history this is…

These people disgust me.

Hosting my holiday dinner at Charlie Palmer tonight. Adam Schiff & House members thought that they would also come to one of the most expensive places in DC to celebrate their impeachment sham.

So in touch with the American people! I lost my appetite because of these scum bags”