Arkansas Judge Demands Past 3 Years of Hunter Biden’s Tax Returns, Hunter Fires Lawyer As Walls Cave In


Hunter Biden just got some devastating news. Hunter admitted he had a love child with a DC stripper after a DNA test he at first refused to take came up positive.

So now he finds himself fighting in court over how much it will cost him and he just suffered a huge blow after a judge demanded to see his tax returns because he does not believe Hunter’s story.

Biden also fired his lawyer basically during the hearing signaling he is in bigger trouble than previously suspected.


From The Daily Mail: Biden, 49, was not in the second-floor courtroom in Batesville, Arkansas, when his attorney former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel quit.

But Lunden Roberts, 28, the woman who claims the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden fathered her child, was sitting in the front row of the spectators’ gallery wearing three-inch black heels.

Biden is said to have met Roberts when she was working as a stripper in a ‘gentlemen’s club’ in Washington D.C.

In the hearing, Judge Don McSpadden said he would need at least three years of Biden’s tax returns before he could reach a decision on monetary support for the child, whose sex has not been revealed.

Earlier this week, revealed Biden filed a request to seal all financial records to spare himself public ’embarrassment’ amid claims of ‘significant debts’.

In his motion to withdraw, McDaniel — a former Arkansas Attorney General — said Biden’s personal lawyer had ‘advised’ him that he was being discharged.

‘Counsel will take all steps reasonably practical to protect defendant’s interests and make every effort to ensure an efficient and judicious transition for new counsel.’ McDaniel wrote.

Judge McSpadden also ordered Biden’s team to provide Roberts with a valid address and phone number for him so papers can be properly served.

McSpadden made clear to all sides that he did not want anyone discussing the case in public. ‘This child is more important than anyone else in this case,’ he said.