Barack Obama Suffers Big Setback As Feds Put Breaks On $500m Boondoggle To His Legacy


Barack Obama just got hit with an epic dose of karma and if anyone deserves it, it is Barack Obama.

Much has been made of Trump’s efforts to limit the runaway bureaucracy that hinders growth and common sense in this country.

The bureaucrats think they know best and they were empowered by Obama and the Democrats and the power went to their heads. (See the IG report for how bad.)

Trump rolled back useless regulations and other roadblocks to success and America has boomed because of it.

But the bureaucracy will not go easily and in a shocker to Barack Obama, they are not only holding up his $500 million presidential library they may put the whole project in jeopardy.

Not all in Chicago want to see this monument to Obama’s ego happen and the delay is giving them time to get organized to block the white elephant from being built.

From Chicago Tribune:

The project has gained Chicago City Council approval, many of the architectural drawings of the Obama Presidential Center have been drafted and refined and a collective of contractors has been hired to build the campus.

But nearly four years after the $500 million project to be constructed in Jackson Park was first announced, no new date for a groundbreaking has been set, and there’s no updated time frame for when the campus will open.

The pause in progress on the Obama center is related, in part, to a federal review process that has dragged on and at some points completely stalled.

The starts and stops have frustrated both supporters and critics of the project because it has left stakeholders uncertain about what is coming next, and it’s unclear exactly when the center will be built. It’s also been challenging for residents to remain engaged, since it often seems like nothing is happening, organizers said.

“It’s been frustrating,” said Erin Adams, a South Shore resident with South Side Neighbors For Hope, a community group that is supportive of the project. “This is the first time I’ve been involved in this type of process. This could be normal, but it seems like it’s taking a long time.”

The federal review is taking place because Jackson Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and because the development involves closing and expanding major streets. There have been public meetings as part of the review process, and a report examining how the development will impact the park was released in July…

…“We had been prepared to have these discussions. We have no insight as to why it’s not moving forward,” said Margaret Schmid of Jackson Park Watch, a group that has raised concerns with the size of the development and has opposed the road closures. “So we’re just doing what we’ve done all along.”

The Obama Presidential Center is expected to be a sprawling campus that will house the Obama Foundation offices and include spaces for large gatherings, an athletic center and a public library branch. In addition, the campus will have outdoor recreation areas including a sledding hill and walking paths.