CBC Busted Trying To Scrub Trump From History As Trump Supporters Out Liberal Network


The left will do anything to take down Trump even try to remove him from history. They would love nothing more than to erase Trump’s 3 years of success and hundreds of judges but they cannot.

The effects of Trump’s presidency will last a generation or longer (much depends on whether the GOP will go back to being establishment stooges when Trump eventually leaves) and will be felt by every American.

So the left is trying to stop the inevitable and they keep failing.

As did the Canadian Broadcast Company when they tried to scrub Trump from history and they cut his scene from Home Alone when they showed the movie this year.

Trump fans, however, noticed and busted the CBC.

From PJ Media:

That’s right, ComicBook.com reports that CBC edited out Donald Trump’s cameo from the 1992 movie. And people watching it were quick to report the suspicious omission on social media. Some were outraged, and the snowflakes were thrilled.

According to the CBC, the movie “was edited to allow for commercial time within the format.”

Here’s where that explanation fails to pass the smell test:

Donald Trump formally announced his campaign in June 2015. The first time the CBC’s cutting of Trump’s cameo appearance was acknowledged on Twitter was around Christmas that year:

Now, either 2015 happened to be the first year the CBC broadcasted the movie, which I highly doubt, or something happened between the 2014 CBC broadcast of Home Alone 2, and the 2015 CBC broadcast. One could argue that Trump wasn’t a political figure in the public’s conscious before 2015, but years prior he had been making headlines for publicly questioning Obama’s birth certificate—so I don’t think that excuse really works. Had his cameo been cut before then, I’m sure it would have been noticed.