Ex Hillary Clinton Aide Targets Brett Kavanaugh With New Smear Campaign


Hillary Clinton’s former press secretary, Brian Fallon, is starting a new smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh and other conservative lawyers.

He runs a non-profit that will seek to sway public opinion against Brett Kavanaugh and tarnish him by trying to attack organizations that support him.

They will run ads attacking Kavanaugh and other law firms that support the Federalist Society, a conservative network of judges of which Kavanaugh is a member.

“You can claim to respect survivors of sexual assault or you can pay for a celebration of Brett Kavanaugh, but you can’t do both,” Katie O’Connor, Senior Counsel for Demand Justice, said announcing the campaign.

“Any organization that doesn’t want to be complicit in normalizing Kavanaugh should withdraw its support from The Federalist Society and pledge not to give in the future.”

From Fox News:

The group, known as Demand Justice, is led by Hillary Clinton’s former press secretary, Brian Fallon, who reportedly indicated support for court packing after Justice Kavanaugh’s and Justice Gorsuch’s confirmations — both of which he claimed weren’t “legitimate.”

The ads will appear on Linkedin and Facebook, focusing on the top sponsors of the Federalist Society’s annual dinner where Kavanaugh spoke, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

They feature photos of a snarling Kavanaugh, along with Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers, a charge he denied.

“The Federalist Society is rebuilding Kavanaugh’s image” through events such as its annual dinner, the ad charges, so why are the law firms paying for it…

Demand Justice’s ads appeared to represent a growing trend of liberal groups spotlighting donors supportive of President Trump or his agenda. While donor information is often made public, critics have complained that such campaigns were attempts at blacklisting or unfairly shaming donors.

Fallon previously led a failed campaign to block George Mason University from hiring Kavanaugh to teach at its law school. Fallon and his group reportedly paid for Facebook ads that target anyone linked with George Mason University, urging them to sign the petition, in addition to signing a separate petition that calls upon the Democrats in Congress to investigate Kavanaugh.