Foreign Gov’t Infiltrated Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Alleges New DOJ Documents


Bill Barr and the Department of Justice just dropped some more bad news for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

George Nader was arrested for illegally funneling millions to her campaign but the story is worse than previously thought.

According to new court documents posted by the Department of Justice, it is clear that a foreign government had infiltrated Hillary’s 2016 campaign all the way to the top.

Scott Stedman has been all over this story and went through the new documents. He wrote:

“A Middle East government appears to have infiltrated the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign at the direction of “HH” – a reference to “His Highness” which may be the leader of the UAE, MBZ.”

“The indictment doesn’t say that the money came from HH but it strongly suggests it.”

“It was a purpose of the conspiracy for NADER and KHAWAJA to use their access to Candidate 1 to gain favor with, and potential financial support from, the government of Foreign Country A.”

“There’s no word in the indictment that Clinton knew that Nader was acting on behalf of His Highness…. but he was. And Clinton and her team gave Nader an insane amount of access. Reminder: Nader is a convicted pedophile.”

“Multiple times in this indictment Nader reports to a foreign government official talking about meetings with “The Big Lady” – presumed to be Hillary Clinton.”

The guy was working directly for a foreign leader with a disgraceful rap sheet and he was talking and who knows what with the Clinton’s and her top staff? And getting instructions from the foreign leader? And reporting back? Thank God she lost.