Ilhan Omar Gets Embarrassed In Open Court, Called Out As Homewrecker By Jilted Wife Of New Lover


Ilhan Omar just got embarrassed in open court as the wife of her lover got in a parting shot as her marriage ended in divorce.

Beth Jordan has been waging a media campaign to get the truth out about Ilham Omar to the American people.

Ilhan Omar has admitted to playing fast and loose with campaign funds in Minnesota and she will certainly have to answer the new charges tied to this explosive divorce – that she was mixing campaign and personal funds again so she could spend time with her lover and campaign consultant Tim Mynett.

In any event, Beth Jordan called out Omar as an adultress and exposed Ilhan to the voters.

From The Daily Mail:

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was called an adulteress in divorce court Thursday by her lover’s former wife as the couple formally ended their marriage.

Beth Jordan said she wanted to ‘make a statement’ about her husband Tim Mynett having an affair with the radical Democrat, during the 16-minute hearing in Washington D.C.

Mynett left the court after the hearing grinning and clapping his hands in glee. He said he was happy with the proceedings but would not comment further.

The hearing ended abruptly shortly after Jordan, 55, spoke publicly of 37-year-old Omar’s affair with Mynett, 38. first revealed the affair in July, a week after revealing that Omar had split from her husband.

Beth asked for her maiden name Beth Jordan to be restored. When asked why, she replied: ‘I no longer want to have Mr. Mynett’s name attached to me.’

‘I have a statement to make,’ Jordan said, saying that her husband ‘had an affair with Ilhan Omar.’ 

Judge Darlene Soltys cut her off and called both attorneys for a sidebar.

After it ended the judge abruptly told the parties: ‘Thank you. Have a nice afternoon,’ bringing a curtain down on the seven-year marriage.

Details of a settlement drawn up to cover alimony, child support and the split of marital property were kept secret and will not be included in the court record. The couple have a 13-year-old son.

Judge Soltys congratulated the couple for reaching a settlement. ‘I sit in this courtroom day after day and see people who just fight about anything,’ she said.

‘It’s not in anyone’s best interest.’