Impeachment Unpopular In Key Swings States Dooming Nancy Pelosi and Dems In 2020 Election


The Democrats took a huge gamble with the impeachment of President Trump and it is backfiring to the horror of Nancy Pelosi.

New numbers from key swing states show the folly of the Dems plan and how the media is again failing the American people.

The media touts nationwide polls to paint the narrative that the public wants to impeach Trump. But the only numbers that really matter are the key swing states as the GOP Senate will never convict.


If Trump wins the key swing states, he wins in a landslide in 2020 and according to these new numbers the voters are not happy with the arrogant Democrats.

And it is not just the presidency on the line – the house could easily swing back to the GOP.

From Axios:

Polls in key 2020 states show that support for impeaching President Trump is lower than in national impeachment polls, according to an analysis by the Washington Post.

Why it matters: The polls signal that pursuing impeachment could potentially hurt Democrats in states they need to carry to defeat Trump in his bid for a second term.

By the numbers: In a dozen October and November polls on impeachment in battleground states like Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin, an average of 44% of those surveyed supported impeachment, with 51% opposed, according to the Post.

In averages of national polls, 47% of respondents said they support impeachment, while 43% said they oppose it.

After strongly opposing impeachment in the summer, national polls since the start of the House’ public hearings have independent voters divided on the subject, with 42% in support and 44% opposed.