Joe Lieberman Says Dems Conducting “Most Partisan” Impeachment In History of America


Former Sen. Joe Lieberman put the Democrats on notice for their partisan impeachment process in an explosive interview.

“Of the four impeachments we’ve had — Andrew Johnson 1868, President Nixon, President Clinton and now President Trump — this will probably the most partisan of all – although they all have been somewhat partisan, that’s just the way it is.”

He also took a few shots at the Dem hysteria to oppose anything Trump is for even if it is bad for the country they profess to serve.


“President Donald Trump, maybe not surprisingly, is very popular in Israel because he’s been very pro-Israel,” Lieberman said.

“Incidentally, this is the problem of partisanship in America. Sometimes I think that part of the reason the Democratic Party – which is still pro-Israel, but not as fully, totally as it used to be – part of the reason some Democrats are raising questions about Israeli policy more is because President Trump seems so strongly in favor of Israel. And it happens on the Republican side with the position of the Democrats.  If one party takes position A, the other party is going to take position Z. And that’s not sensible by any means.”

On the fractured Dem party and what they have in store which he thinks is a brokered convention and total chaos.

“It’s possible for the first time in a long time in American politics that one of the two major parties will get to their national convention without an obvious nominee,” he said.

“In other words, it will be undecided. We may go more than one ballot until we see who is going to be the Democratic nominee.”

On Michael Bloomberg Lieberman said:

“To me, as a centrist Democrat, he is more to my liking than some of the other candidates,” Lieberman said.

“He’s going to be there to the end because he’s not going to run out of money,” Lieberman added. “I think the more people look at him, the more they are going to think about him.”