Joy Behar Trashes Melania Trump On The View: “Looks Like She’s At Funeral”


Joe Biden continues his campaign to destroy his own legacy with bizarre behavior. Biden made a huge gaffe the other day talking about loving kids who jump on his lap and playing with his hairy legs.

He then seemed to nibble on his wife’s fingers as she gave a campaign speech at some stop in Iowa.

It is odd behavior, to say the least, and not what makes any honest Dem comfortable that he is the guy.


Biden stumbles over words and seems totally lost on the campaign trail. He also acts and reacts like it is 2008 and not 2019. Not good signs for the Dem leader.

“I thought it was silly and, like, they clearly still love each other and are playful,” Meghan McCain said about the weird finger nibble.

Guest host to the show Yvette Nicole Brown said, “I think it’s adorable, and it’s just kind of a reflex. You put your finger in someone’s face, they kind of go for it. It was a reflex. It was sweet.”

“That’s what I did with Bernie Sanders when I did Bill Maher with him years ago,” Abby Huntsman said after crazy Bernie kept invading her space.

“He kept going like with his with his hands. I did not nibble. You have to do something. Everyone sees it’s uncomfortable. I thought in that moment, they look like they’re very happy, and frankly he needs to do more of that. That’s his soft side.”

But it was Joy who went straight to the gutter with an unprovoked attack on Melania Trump of all people:

“They seem to like each other though, still. Melania looks like she’s at a funeral half the time.”