Lindsey Graham Ends Pelosi’s Reign Of Terror: “Senate Needs To Strike Back”


Lindsey Graham is taking off the kid gloves and waring Nancy Pelosi about what is coming if she doesn’t stop playing games with impeachment.

The Democrats have lost all credibility with their recent delay tactics and Lindsey for one is outraged. He went after Pelosi in a blistering series of tweets:

“This Constitutional outrage by @SpeakerPelosi needs to end.

She is trying to run the Senate and deny President @realDonaldTrump his day in court after the House’s sham impeachment process. …

Stop playing games with the Constitution.

In our system, you can’t be the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader at the same time.

The Senate will decide how we dispose of this sham created by the House.

If this continues into 2020, the Senate needs to strike back, standing up for our rights and ending this debacle.”

Lindsey doubled down on Fox News today:“…She’s [Pelosi] taking a wrecking ball to the Constitution. This is the latest in a series of constitutional train wrecks orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi.

During the impeachment process, the president was not allowed to have counsel present during the Intel Committee.

He could not call witnesses on his behalf. He could not confront his accuser and now that he’s been charged with two articles of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi is denying the president his day in the court in the Senate and she’s actually trying to tell Mitch McConnell how to run the Senate.

She’s trampling on the separation of powers. It’s the Senate’s job to dispose of impeachment articles once passed by the House. It’s not Nancy Pelosi’s job. When it comes to Trump, the rules don’t matter to Democrats and that’s dangerous and sad.