Music Legend Charlie Daniels Warns Dems On Impeachment: “Our Wrath Is Coming”


Country music legend Charlie Daniels just issued a warning to all the Democrats over their misguided impeachment of President Trump.

“They have no idea…our wrath is coming,” said Daniels in a series of tweets and blog posts.

“Its coming down to THEM AND US US is sick of being pushed around by THEM And THEM ain’t got no idea what the wrath of US can be– THEM may have the power of the government behind them but US have the working people– And truck drivers alone could shut this country down in two weeks.”

“Democrats- a confused bunch said it was-a danger to the security of America to wait any longer to impeach and now that they passed it they won’t send it to the Senate for trial. Its a dangerous and possibly suicidal political game you’re playing Ms. Speaker. LET THE NOOSE TIGHTEN.”

“This is the Schiff Can used for deposit of lies, innuendo, bad ideas, worst intentions, grandiose aspirations and other unmentionable things associated with Adam Schiff And its the exact and proper place where they belong.”

“Thanks for the wake-up call Schiff, awakening patriotism in middle America and fair-minded people who resent u and your band of political pirates trying to delegitimize their votes Welcome to the real world pale face, where people like you fade away like smoke in a west Texas wind.”

Charlie wrote earlier:

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. Bush and Obama had their detractors and apologists, but no president in my lifetime has been the object of as much concerted scorn and downright hate as Donald Trump.

Congressional committees, TV personalities, columnists, bloggers, Hollywood heavyweights, foreign leaders and pundits and talking heads of all strata and stripe seem to have boiled their reason for living down to one thing, remove Trump from office.

With a booming economy, record unemployment, stratospheric stock market, rebuilt military, economy crippling restrictions removed, independence from foreign oil, and too many positive improvements to list here, it’s strange why – especially with an election in eleven months – this incredible and determined army of malcontents would be arrayed against a president that was elected by the people.