New Spending Bill Includes $1.375B for Border Wall As Trump Beats Pelosi Again


President Trump is racking up the wins and the Democrats keep losing. Which is as it should be after all the havoc the left has brought America since Trump won his historic election.

Now, Trump didn’t get all he wanted in the new spending bill, but he got an extra 1.3Billion for the border wall and every single Democrat voter will lose their minds.

They want Pelosi to give Trump nothing – nothing for the wall and nothing else for anything so they will be incensed and will undoubtedly accuse Pelosi and the Dems of selling out.

From The Hill:

Lawmakers have agreed to include $1.375 billion for physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border in a forthcoming government funding deal, three congressional sources told The Hill…

The president had also requested an additional $3.6 billion to backfill money shifted from military construction to the border wall during the fiscal 2019 bills.

 A Democratic aide said the bill also includes a restriction that limits Trump to using the money within the Rio Grande Valley sector, similar to the fiscal 2019 funding deal.

Two sources confirmed that the spending deal maintains Trump’s ability to transfer additional money to the border wall. Democrats had wanted to add new restrictions into the bill to limit the president’s authority, but Republicans warned they viewed that as a “poison pill” that would sink the overall chances for a deal.

The details of the spending deal come after the top four appropriators reached a deal in principle last week, with staffers working over the weekend to hammer out the details and draft the bills.